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I use the multidisciplinary approach of PACT training with the wisdom of John Gottman in my couples therapy.  I also incorporate the 5-Love Languages.  I have a nonjudgmental approach to human behaviors inspired by Myers-Briggs Personality Typing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


  • I am one of 69 therapists listed as PACT-trained in Washington state; almost all in the Seattle area.  I am one of the few in the Olympia area (2021 numbers).

    • For a quick overview of what PACT therapy looks like, click here.

    • For more in-depth information, organized by topics, click here.

    • For those who want a book to supplement what we do in therapy, click here.


  • I am formally trained in NLP and taught Myers-Briggs Personality Typing as part of my college course on practical communications skills.